Smaller Projects Are Important Too

Smaller Projects Are Important Too
April 26, 2017 No Comments Custom Work admincindy

Sometimes it isn’t a big whole website that’s needed, or a page template, or even a database query that needs fixing. Sometimes, it’s a smaller job – like adding in a slider.

Sliders are pretty cool, but they can be confusing. Some have way more functionality than necessary. Most offer a way to add a slider to the sidebar as a widget. But … what if you don’t want it in the sidebar? And what are those little shortcode things they sometimes show?

On one of the sites I follow, a fellow poster asked the group at large about adding a slider to her WordPress site. She was getting frustrated that it wasn’t doing what she wanted it to do.

We talked a bit about her requirements, and I was able to get it going for her – providing her the information to do the plugin installation herself. She’s familiar with WordPress and was fine with adding one line of code to her sites header.php file. So we got the basic, non-upgraded version, Master Slider – Responsive Touch Slider working and it took about an hour. That shortcode bit I mentioned before? That’s the one-liner PHP code that we added to header.php and it worked like a charm.

Did it need to be more complicated than that? Nope. Was she happy with the results? You betcha. And that’s what counts.

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