INO Tournament Plugin

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The INO Tournament plugin is currently at version 1.0.

This is a plugin custom-created for the YS5PBA website, and is used to manage tournament information. There are two post types – Season and Tournament.

The Season post type lets you set the season name (such as “2016 – 2017”) below. This demo season only has one tournament set up, named “First Bowling Tournament”.

The Tournament post type lets you set certain dates, add files to link to, and other information. Follow the “First Bowling Tournament” link below to see what information this demo tournament has set up.

Both post types have default content templates for showing Seasons and Tournaments, as well as All Seasons (which is shown below). These content templates can be loaded from within any of your themes custom page templates, allowing you to add them to pages in your site. Just like we’ve done here.

The INO Tournament plugin also creates a Tournament Manager role within WordPress. This is  so that if you want to have one or more of your users only manage your tournaments, you can assign them this Role when logged in as an Administrator. Administrators have the same access that Tournament Managers (create Seasons and Tournaments; edit them; delete them; etc.).

For more information about this plugin or creating a different custom plugin, please contact us.