INO VC Shortcode – Category + Product List, Basic

The INO VC Shortcode – Category + Product List, Basic shortcode was created specifically for a client that needed a custom solution for displaying products.

This shortcode will integrate with WPBakery Page Builder as one of its elements.

The shortcode can be manually called by
[ino_vc_category_plus_product_list_basic style="cat-left-prod-right" title="" title2="" icon="" des="" number="8" cats="" tab_active="1" brands="" order_by="date" order="DESC" product_type="" item="" image="" item_res="" speed="" size="" color13="" color16="" list_advs="" time="" time2="" link="" info_pos="tags-left"]Short Code Content[/ino_vc_category_plus_product_list_basic]

For more information about this plugin, please contact us.