All jewellery that was not given away by Lorna has been photographed and included. There is not a lot of financial value here, so please think of the items as something to help you remember your Mom and Dad.

Please email Doug with a list of items you would like. Please list the item numbers in order of preference. Items closer to the top of the list have a higher preference. Email by December 6th, 2020.

Any items not chosen will be distributed to the three daughters by Doug at Doug’s discretion.

In the situation where more than one daughter would like the same item:

  • The daughter with the higher preference will receive the item
  • If more than one daughter has the same preference, a random draw will be used to decide

Remember ladies, no kicking, biting or pulling of hair.

Item: AA
Lorus wrist watch.
Item: AA
Another photo.
Item: AB
Lorna with perm.
Item: AC
Photo of Lorna.
Item: AD
Photo of Charles Alan Giles.
Item: AE
Double photo of Charles Alan Giles.
Item: AF
Broach or pin.
Item: AF
Another photo.
Item: AG
Dragon fly pin.
Item: AH
Pin. Appears to be tiger's eye stone.
Item: AI
Item: AJ
Ring with green stone.
Item: AJ
Another photo.
Item: AK
Newfoundland & Labrador. Imported from our most easterly province.
Item: AL
Puffin pendant... looks like puffin to me anyway. It may have been purchased on a road trip to Newfoundland.
Item: AM
Small trillium pin.
Item: AN
Small cross pin.
Item: AO
Twenty five cent coin. With poppy in the centre. Guaranteed to be worth at least 25 cents.
Item: AP
Christmas tree pin.
Item: AQ
Shiny broach/pin.
Item: AR
Blue pin.
Item: AS
Necklace and pendant. Unfortunately it's knotted.
Item: AT
Necklace and matching bracelet. Very light.
Item: AU
Lorna's medic alert bracelet.
Item: AV
Copper coloured bracelet.
Item: AW
Cat broach. Memories of Sam & Jiminy Cricket.
Item: AX
Ladies wrist watch.
Item: AX
Another photo.
Item: AY
Ring with green centre stone.
Item: AZ
Item: BA
Charm bracelet.
Item: BB
Small hand coloured heart.
Item: BC
Maple leaf broach covered in shiny stones. Silver coloured backing.
Item: BC
Another photo.
Item: BD
Canadian & Union Jack Flag pin.
Item: BD
Another photo.
Item: BE
Necklace with whale tail pendant.
Item: BF
Ring with green stone.
Item: BF
Another photo.
Item: BG
Necklace with cross pendant.
Item: BH
Item: BI
Item: BJ
Necklace with yarn & needles pendant.
Item: BK
Item: BL
Necklace with MOM pendant.
Item: BM
Pink ribbon pin.
Item: BN
Clip on ear rings.
Item: BO
Pair of clip on ear rings.
Item: BP
Item: BQ
Christmas tree pin.
Item: BR
Pair of cuff links. Handsome finger not included.
Item: BS
Necklace with round cross pendant.
Item: BT
I'm not really sure what this is. It could be a single cuff link. It doesn't have a swivel back, instead the two halves click together. If worn as a cuff link, both sides would look the same.
Item: BU
Rose broach.
Item: BV
Gold coloured cross pin. I say coloured because I don't want to tell you it's gold and then you find out it's not. I'm not a jeweller.
Item: BW
Clip on ear rings.
Item: BX
Green stone ear rings. Still on the card.
Item: BY
Big round ear rings. Light peach coloured. They have a 70s look to them.
Item: BY
Another photo.
Item: BZ
Narrow ring. Some stones missing. Finger not included.
Item: BZ
Another photo.
Item: CA
Pair of clip on ear rings.
Item: CB
Black ring.
Item: CC
Jewellery box. Has a wind up music maker. Does not include any jewellery. Box only.
Item: CC
Another photo.
Item: CD
Cross pendant.
Item: CE
Clip on ear rings.
Item: CF
Shiny pin
Item: CG
Rose pin.
Item: CH
Item: CI
Sparkly ear rings. Like little disco balls.
Item: CJ
Charm bracelet .
Item: CK
Necklace with heart shaped charm.
Item: CL
Necklace with sail boat pendant.
Item: CM
Small photo.
Item: CN
Small photo of Lorna. Says CNE 1950. Very cute.
Item: CO
String of... round things.
Item: CP
String of... round things.
Item: CQ
Pair of ear rings.
Item: CR
Missing some stones.
Item: CS
Broach and clip on ear ring set.
Item: CS
Another photo.
Item: CT
Item: CT
Another photo.
Item: CU
Leather strapped necklace.
Item: CV
TTC tickets. Adult fare is $3.25 these days. You'll need to find a few more to get to the CNE.
Item: CW
Necklace. Looks like it's Star Trek inspired.
Item: CX
Necklace. Very light material.
Item: CY
Item: CZ
Necklace and pendant. Pendant looks like it opens but doesn't.
Item: DA
Necklace and pendant
Item: DB
Two clip on ear rings
Item: DC
Necklace and heart pendant.
Item: DD
Small pin.
Item: DE
Souvenir wooden nickel.
Item: DF
Union Jack pin.